Walsham Brothers & Co. Limited ceased to offer Broker collection services with effect from October 2016 for its London Market Legacy Account.

All client records are stored with a professional archive company. If you are a Walsham Brothers London Market Legacy Client who wishes to transfer your files either to your own archive or to an alternate Broker then the following procedure should be followed:

Please download the Application for Archive File Transfer available on this page.

Please send the completed form and letter of authority to support@walshams.co.uk

We will then send you a response form detailing the Contracts we hold for transfer and specifying the number of archive boxes this represents.

We would request that you check that the list appears correct prior to signing the form and then return it to us by post or email to support@walshams.co.uk

We will then arrange for the boxes to be delivered to your specified delivery address.

For enquiries not relating to London Market Legacy Business please contact David Cherry.

Click here to download the "Application for Archive File Transfer"

Walsham Brothers & Company Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under number 310280.

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